I am currently working on two bodies of work, the first series 'Getting Changed' was started in December 2020 and the proceeds made from sales will go to charity. Each month the charity will change and new works will be added. 

The second body of work, 'Islander' was also started in December 2020 and was sparked by the piece 'Taking back the stage' which was painted during the first lockdown. Islander will be a small series of 12 paintings which will feature mix media with a focus on identity, sexuality, race and experiences. 


'Islander' is a current project exploring identity. 


'Getting changed' is an ongoing series of small ink paintings that began in December 2020. The theme for this work focuses on sexual freedom, sexuality, masculine archetypes and queer culture and draws upon several artist I am influenced by.


'Ink' is an exploration of painting devoid of colour which I began in 2018. 

I have also created several pieces on commission and have a number of works available. If you have any questions about certain works or would like to discuss a potential commission, please contact artyoliver94@gmail.com